5 Upbeat Rap Songs You Need To Listen To With Headphones

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5 Upbeat Rap Songs Perfect for Headphones - Headphone Charts

Rap & hip-hop always sounds dankest in headphones that deliver more bass, and there are definitely brands of cans that offer more thumpin' bass than others. For my money, I prefer V-MODA and Audio-Technica headphones because they always seem to create a much better bass response! The songs below are excellent examples of up tempo, upbeat rap that sound awesome in bass heavy cans-- basically a party in your ears and everyone's invited!

# 5

I'm a Thug - Trick Daddy

Pay particular attention to the horn flourishes when you have your headphones on, they sound amazing in unison with the pounding bass that Trick Daddy lays down! Choruses that feature kids basically always sound dank too.
# 4

In Da Club - 50 Cent

The rumbling low bass that 50 drops on this track will scramble your brain, pretty sure you'll even be able to feel it rattle your teeth (especially if you have a grill)!
# 3

My Dick - Mickey Avalon

One of the funniest songs ever. Great party tune for when everyone is already hammered and need a quick laugh! Also rocks a solid beat and sounds money in bass heavy headphones!
# 2

Hey Ya! - OutKast

One of the best danceable hip-hop songs ever made, OutKast really know their way around a sick beat, and I'm pretty sure it's impossible to listen to this song without bobbing some part of your body!
# 1

Money Maker - Ludacris

Just a great song for taking shots in a limo. Recently featured in Brad Pitt's Plan B "The Big Short". Really fun beat & tempo.
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