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Best NuForce Headphones - Headphone Charts

The Optoma NuForce headphone range is designed for people that care about audio. They are built from premium quality components to deliver sleek design and exceptional sound. Our Best NuForce Headphones feature NuForce's top of the line models at all price points, satisfying for both professional audiophiles and audiophiles on a budget.

# 5

NuForce BE6 In-Ear Headphones

NuForce BE6 In-Ear Headphones

Headphone Charts Score (?) : 76.4

The NuForce BE6 offer a fantastic value for a wireless earbud, offering professional quality sound via any Bluetooth enabled device.
  • Weight: .56 oz (16 g)
  • AAC and aptX support
  • 10 mm driver offers superior sound
  • Specially designed silicone ear tips offer great comfort
  • Supports Siri, Google Voice, and can be used with Apple Watch
  • Amplifier Suggested (?): No

NuForce BE6 - Amazon

# 4

NuForce NE800M In-Ear Headphones

NuForce NE800M In-Ear Headphones

Headphone Charts Score (?) : 78.4

The NE800M are our favorite "value" headphones by NuForce, cramming tons of high quality audio into an attractive and affordable headphone.
  • Excellent sound for their pricepoint
  • Provided earbuds stay securely in place
  • Smartphone compatible inline remote and mic
  • Tangle-free cable to support an active lifestyle
  • Made from brass and carbon fiber for a clear, powerful sound
  • Amplifier Suggested (?): No

NuForce NE800M - Amazon

# 3

NuForce HEM6 In-Ear Headphones

NuForce HEM6 In-Ear Headphones

Headphone Charts Score (?) : 83.6

Three very impressive Knowles balanced armature drivers per ear make the HEM6 a formidable IEM, and their memory foam ear tips are amazing too.
  • Available via Amazon Prime
  • Linear-Phase crossover design
  • Features 3 Knowles balanced armature drivers
  • Comes with silicone and Comply soft foam ear tips
  • Comes with air tight polycarbonate case and fabric pouch
  • Amplifier Suggested (?): No

NuForce HEM6 - Amazon

# 2

NuForce HEM8 In-Ear Headphones

NuForce HEM8 In-Ear Headphones

Headphone Charts Score (?) : 84.4

If you think the HEM6's 3 driver systems are impressive, then wait until you try a pair with FOUR! The HEM8s are true sonic bliss.
  • Four (quad) driver system
  • Studio-quality hi-res audio
  • Acoustically calculated Lexan earpiece
  • Latest Knowles balanced armature drivers for incredible accuracy
  • Twice the frequency range of other balanced armature headphones
  • Amplifier Suggested (?): No

NuForce HEM8 - Amazon

# 1

NuForce Primo8 In-Ear Headphones

NuForce Primo8 In-Ear Headphones

Headphone Charts Score (?) : 87.6

Holding the distinction of being perhaps the best sounding AND best looking NuForce in-ear headphones, the Primo8 are simply that-- PRIMO!
  • Very large soundstage
  • Reference-class, high-end speaker sound quality
  • Smooth sound with eight (total) balanced armature drivers
  • High resolution micro drivers for rich bass and clear highs
  • Superior noise isolation from Comply memory foam premium earbuds
  • Amplifier Suggested (?): No

NuForce Primo8 - Amazon

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